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Sarechatta Boku (I was Killed by Suicide) / 自殺されちゃった僕Translations of passages from the book written in 2004 by Yoshinaga Yoshiaki / 吉永嘉明, recounting his experiences as a close friend of Nekojiru, along with the events leading to her death.
Monthly Magazine Garo 1992-06 Nekojiru InterviewAn interview with Nekojiru on the underground magazine on she originally published her comics, including the only known public images of Nekojiru.
Transcription in Japanese
Memorials written by Hajime YamanoHajime Yamano's official announcement of Nekojiru's death, along with memorials he wrote on other magazines/manga.
The Death of Nekojiru / ねこぢるの死Released in 1999 soon after Nekojiru's (Chiyomi Hashiguchi) tragic suicide, this documentary aired on TV and was recorded onto VHS.
Soundtrack Playlist
Illustrations for RephlexNekojiru made illustrations for CD liners of 12 of Rephlex's (Richard D James/Aphex Twin's label) albums, 4 sketches of which are viewable on this Sony website. View some of the complete drawings: Analogue Bubblebath Volume 3, Mike & Rich, Ffressshh!, Empathy Box, Cylobian Sunset + Diof '97, Weirs, (art from Tango N' Vectif, Bluff Limbo, Sound Of The Street, Module 2 + Desktop Robotics, My Favorite Clinic, and Birdwatch are not available).
"EXTRA??!" Link HuntThis Sony website has a hidden link, revealing one of the 2 comics Nekojiru drew for "Rephlex Fair" flyers.
View Comic
Nekojiru IndexAn index of all works relating to Nekojiru.
Nekojiru WorldA blog with information on Nekojiru/Nekojiru-y's works.
Secretmemo / 秘密メモNow defunct blog from a dedicated Nekojiru fan and artist.
nekojiru.net (Internet Archive)An archive of Nekojiru-y's website with his art and other works.
Yamatodo (Internet Archive)An archive of the website for the company that produced the Nekojiru CD ROMs.
DILLHELL (Internet Archive)An archive of a website with information about Nekojiru/Nekojiru-y's work, along with fan art.
Neko Punch (Internet Archive)An archive of a website with updates on Nekojiru-y's new work.
Nekojiru Shopping District (Internet Archive)An archive of a website with information on purchasing Nekojiru items and attending events, along with a message board.
Deformity (Internet Archive)An archive of a blog website with information on Nekojiru-y's work.
Supplementary Material (read-nekojiru)More information and more articles can be found on read-nekojiru's website.


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Original Comics

Nekojiru Udon / ねこぢるうどん

Nekojiru Dango / ねこぢるだんご

Nekojiru Shokudo (Cafeteria) / ねこぢる食堂

Nekogamisama (Cat God) / ねこ神さま

Nekojiru Manju / ねこぢるまんじゅう

Nekojiru Senbei / ねこぢるせんべい

Jirujiru Nikki (Diary) / ぢるぢる日記

Jirujiru Ryokōki Sōshū hen (Travelogue Compilation) / ぢるぢる旅行記総集編

Jirujiru Ryokōki Indo hen
(Travelogue India Compilation) / ぢるぢる旅行記 インド編

Jirujiru Ryokōki Nepaāl
(Travelogue Nepal) / ぢるぢる旅行記 ネパール

Nekojiru Taizen (The Complete Works) / ねこぢる大全

Nekojiru-y Comics

Obake (Ghost) Apartment / おばけアパート


Dream Memo / 夢のメモ

Invisible / と うめい
(also Nekojiru Udon 1 chapter 11)

Strange House / へんないえ

Detective / 探偵

Dream Memo / 夢のメモ

JiruJiru Observations / ぢるぢる見聞録

other media

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Nekojiru-sō (Cat Soup) / ねこぢる草 (2001)

A Japanese animated experimental short film directed by Tatsuo Satō, based on the manga created by Nekojiru. The surreal film follows Nyatta, an anthropomorphic kitten, on his travel to the land of the dead and back in an effort to save his sister's soul.

Nekojiru-sō (Cat Soup) / ねこぢる草 Commentary (2001)

A commentary track for the 2001 film on DVD.

"How to Make Cat Soup" Interview (2001)

An interview with director Tatsuo Satō for the 2001 film.

Nekojiru Gekijou (Theater) Jirujiru Original/ねこぢる劇場 ぢるぢるORIGINAL (1999)

Based on the comics by the late Nekojiru. Contains 23 animated TV shorts aired on Asahi Network's show "Bokusho Mondai Boss Chara Ou." and 4 unbroadcast episodes. Translation by JollyRoger and st-LAW.

The Death of Nekojiru / ねこぢるの死 (1999)

Released in 1999 soon after Nekojiru's (Chiyomi Hashiguchi) tragic suicide, this documentary aired on TV and was recorded onto VHS. Translation by slimgiltsoul.

Nekojiru-sō (Cat Soup) / ねこぢる草 Sound Track CD

Soundtrack CD for the 2001 Film.

Yasuo Hashiguchi's album / 橋口 保夫 のアルバム

Music by Yasuo Hashiguchi (alias: Hajime Yamano), AKA Nekojiru-y.

Monster Inside of Me / 僕の中のバケモノ – Takumania☆Orchestra / 楽団☆タクマニア (2010)

Music Video

Music by Takumania☆Orchestra / 楽団☆タクマニア, with art by Nekojiru-y.

Memories of Summer (Crab) / 夏の思ひ出(カニ) – Takumania☆Orchestra / 楽団☆タクマニア (2013)

Music by Takumania☆Orchestra / 楽団☆タクマニア, with art by Nekojiru-y.

Nekojiru Udon Perfect Version / ねこぢるうどん完璧版 (1997)

Digital Garo Vol. 1 (1996)

Digital Garo Nekojiru Screensaver (1997)


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